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Mod Recruitment Post

This is a permanent moderator recruitment post for all three egl communities - [info]egl  , [info]egl_comm_sales  and [info]eglfeedback 

Current status: 
Recruitment Open.

We very rarely take on new moderators, only when we need to or when we feel an applicant is exceptional enough to warrant it. As such, you can see the current status of our recruitment above. You can feel free to apply even when we are not actively recruiting, and we will keep you 'on file'~! Please do not apply if you feel you may change your mind about  being a moderator quickly. What is the job of an EGL moderator? Some general points:

The job of the moderator is to:
  1. Moderate arguments and stop drama from getting out of hand.
  2. Handle complaints, questions, feedback, problem transactions and posts to the ARC about the community and its members.
  3. Be thinking of ways to improve the community and solve problems.
  4. Be clear with every action she's taking (ex. explaining why a thread is frozen).
  5. Keep the community aware of any issues that may affect them.
  6. Reject/delete inappropriate posts (posts that break the communities rules or are off topic).
  7. Hand our warnings/bans according to our ban schedule and rules, record warnings in our warning list.
  8. For feedback mods only: Update feedback scores and create new feedback pages.
  9. For feedback mods only: Handle feedback disputes.
  10. For sales mods only: Check the sales queue regularly, approve posts, reject posts and ask for fixes.
  11. For sales mods only: Check back on old posts to make sure fixes have been made, and delete posts where appropriate.
  12. For sales mods only: Add users to the pre-moderated queue.
What do we look for in a moderator?
  1. Someone who has been active in the community a good while; the longer the better, and is active in discussion.
  2. Someone who has been on Livejournal for over a year.
  3. Someone who is level-headed and polite in and out of the community.
  4. Someone who does not actively participate in any hate/gossip communities, or incite drama.
  5. Someone who understands the rules thoroughly.
  6. Someone who is dynamic and open to constructive criticism.
  7. Someone who is capable of working well in a team, will check moderator discussions and give input.
  8. Someone who is willing to do this for the long term, and enjoys being a part of the community.
  9. Someone who can uphold the utmost of confidentiality.
  10. Someone who can communicate effectively through writing.

Comments are automatically screened. Please comment with the following.
  • Position you are applying for: (EGL, Sales, Feedback - one or more)
  • Times you are available to regularly moderate: (eg 12-19 BST, weekdays)
  • Provide 1 to 3 References
  • Why do you feel you would make a good moderator?
Questions? Please feel free to either comment here or PM me! Thank you.


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