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Banner Art Submission Process

Hi all,

Each month, we accept art in order to change our banner. Please read the following information on how to submit your art as well as related deadlines.

All members are welcomed and encouraged to submit their artwork to be featured in the header image for a month.

- Your submitted work must feature either a lolita, or be strongly lolita related. We no longer have a mascot.
- You may enter two entries per month.
- You do not have to create new work for the contest, though it would certainly be appreciated!
- Any style is welcome- anime, realistic, 3D, collage, etc.
- Entries should be sent on either a blank background (.psd or .png file) or on a white background
- If an entrant wins 2 monthly contests in a row, they are not permitted to enter during the following 3 months

There is no size requirement, but your submission should be at least 285px tall. We will usually resize and crop the image down to a portrait, so please keep that in mind.

So, how does the theme work into all this?
Themes are scheduled ahead of time using items from the theme suggestion post. You do not have to submit artwork that fits the theme for the month in which you are competing, but you are welcomed and encouraged to keep future themes in mind as you create your art.

To submit your artwork for the contest, you will need to have your entry in by midnight PST (GMT - 8)  on the 25th of every month.

We will poll the submissions on the 26th of every month and run it until the 28th of every month . Whichever art has the most votes will be featured in the new banner!

To enter, please send your artwork to eglfeedback[at] with the subject " <---Insert Month ---> Banner Contest Submission". Make sure to include the following:
- Your LJ user name
- A a website/DeviantArt link or anywhere people can go and check out your work
- An answer to the following question: If your art piece doesn't get chosen for this month, would you like us to automatically submit this banner art  for next month's banner contest?

If  you do not receive a reply from us, then we did not receive your email! If you are unsure if we received your entry, send a message to sew_sweet.

We will continue to receive artwork for the sales community, however there will not be a contest every month- we'll simply rotate art out however often we receive appropriate shopping-themed art specifically for that community.

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