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Rules and Consequences: EGL Community Sales

Rules And Consequences: EGL Community Sales 
  1. You are required to post with a link to your feedback.
    Your feedback must be located on the eglfeedback community. Directions for requesting a feedback page are located on the community.
    Consequence:Your post will be rejected if there is no feedback link at all. If your post is approved without linking to your eglfeedback page, a mod will remind you to link it in your sales post. If you fail to do so within 24 hours of the mod’s notice, your post will be deleted.  

  2. All posts must be under a Livejournal Cut.
    All text and images of a sales post must be under a lj cut.You can make an LJ-cut by copying the following code directly into your post: (you must be in HTML mode for this to work; rich text mode has its own LJ-cut generator)

    Consequence: Your post will be approved without a cut, but you must correct or add the cut within 24 hours of notification. If not, the post will be deleted.

  3. All posts must include your location.
    There is a field where you can fill in your location at the bottom of the page where you enter your post. You must put your general location in that field in every post you make. We suggest formatting your location as “State/Province, Country” and adding additional information (such as zip code or city) if necessary.
    Consequence: Your post will be approved but you must add a location within 24 hours of being notified. If not, the post will be deleted.

  4. All posts must be correctly tagged and labelled.
    Your title must begin with the appropriate acronym for the type of post you're making. You must also add tags for the brand and type of post (list below). More information about tags can be found here.
    !DS - Direct Sale
    !DA - Direct Auction
    !DT - Direct Trade
    !EA - Ebay Auction
    !WTB- Want to Buy
    !GO - Group Order
    !AC - Art Commission (selling, not requesting)
    !AFC- Available for Commission
    Consequence: Your post will be approved but you must add / correct tags within 24 hours of being notified. If not, the post will be deleted.

  5. You may only post your items ONE time within a 4 week period if it is a direct LiveJournal sale, or TWO times if the sale is through an online auction service such as eBay or if it is a Direct Auction via a Live Journal post. Want to Buy posts may only be made once per item.
    Each individual item may only be posted once in a 4 week period. You may only repost the same item before 4 weeks have passed if you make a price reduction of 20% or more. If you encounter a non-paying buyer, you may contact a moderator for permission to repost early.
    Consequence: You will be given a warning and the post will be rejected. If you violate this rule a second time, you will be banned for one month.

  6. You may only post once every FOUR days.
    You may only make one "buying" (WTB, WTC) and one "selling" (DS, EA, AFC, DT) post in a given four day period. You must wait four days between these two categories of post. You may link back to your older posts at the bottom of your new post, but you may only use a short text link. You must also wait 4 days between posting GO or SS reminders; however, these do not count towards your “buying” or “selling” totals.
    Consequence: Your will be given a warning and your post will be rejected.

  7. Sales posts must contain items which portray the authentic look of one of the Gothic & Lolita substyles, and appear to be of good quality and construction.
    Items from brands on the whitelist and their sister/sub brands are always acceptable. Items from non-whitelisted brands, whether Japanese or not, are acceptable, provided they accurately represent one of the Lolita substyles and are of good quality. Hand made items are perfectly acceptable, provided they do not bear the marks of an unskilled creator. Items representing other styles, as well as general cute items, will not be accepted unless they come from brands on the whitelist. If they are “borderline” (could be Lolita or loliable), you may post them if 75% or more of your other items are unquestionably Lolita. Please see this post for more information. Furthermore, we do allow the sale of brand-produced dolls and doll clothing. Lone dolls and offbrand/hand-made doll clothing is not allowed for sale on this community. A further list of acceptable and unacceptable items can be found in this post.
    Consequence:If your items do not meet the above criteria, your post will be deleted and a moderator will send you an explanation. The definition of “borderline,” “not Lolita,” and “poor quality” is decided by the moderator reviewing your post. If you feel a mod’s ruling was unfair you may request that one or all of the other moderators review the decision.

  8. Images of the items for sale must be your own, clearly showing the details of the items. Images must NOT be hotlinked.
    Sales posts should not contain images that are very dark, very small, or excessively blurry. While you may include stock photos to show details, you must include at least one photo of your own. Images from other sellers may be used with permission in conjunction with images of your own.
    Consequence: If an image is hotlinked or used without permission, your post will be rejected from the moderation queue with a request to fix it. If an image is blurry, the post will be approved but you will be asked to add better images within 24 hours of being notified. If not, the post will be deleted.

  9. Linking to outside journals in a post is NOT permitted. However, linking to an outside journal is allowed if it's a response to a post.
    Links to personal sales journals in posts are no longer permitted due to the lack of moderation. You may reply to a post with a link to your journal. As before, links to outside-moderated sites such as eBay or Etsy are permitted. If you are linking to an outside site, please note that the “four weeks rule” still applies.
    Consequence: Your post will be rejected. If the post happens to get approved, you will be asked to move your items from your LJ to the EGL post within 24 hours of being notified. If not, the post will be deleted.

  10. Do not delete posts and comments, unless clearly irrelevant.
    Please screen any comments you wish to remove from your post rather than deleting them; any harassment in comments should be screened and reported to the moderation team. Comments left by the moderation team can be screened so as to clear up your sales page, but they cannot be deleted without permission. Furthermore, we will not tolerate the deletion of old posts to bypass the reposting rules or to obscure mediation.
    Consequence: If you are found to be deleting comments or posts, you will receive a warning. If we find you deleting comments or posts again after receiving the warning, you will be banned for a period of one month.

  11. No "feeler" posts.
    You either want to sell or buy something in this community or you don't. If you're wondering if people want to buy your item or not, then just put it up for sale. If you're wondering if people have anything available for you to buy, post a serious WTB.
    Consequence: Feeler posts will be rejected, with a request to change it to a direct sale. If you repost a feeler post after yours was deleted/rejected, you will be banned for one month for ignoring the request.
Friendly Reminders:
  • We encourage users to pre-emptively add Paypal fees into their sales prices if they wish to charge them, as adding on Paypal fees is against Paypal’s terms of service.

  • We heavily discourage the sending of personal or gift payments through Paypal. This system offers no buyer/seller protection. If you wish to know more about Paypal’s payment methods, please check this post.
  • For sales, we encourage you to state all fees and charges up front. Please note that buyers can pull out of a sale and leave you negative feedback if you invoice them for prices higher than those agreed upon.
  • Please make your feedback link clickable so it is easier for buyers and sellers to view your feedback.
  • Please only make ‘attention buyer/seller posts’ as a last resort. If you are unsure if you should post one, please contact the moderation team.
  • Consider writing and formatting your sales post in your LJ first, so even if it’s rejected/deleted, you’ll have a template to work off instead of having to re-write everything.
    Make things easy on your buyers! Write your location in a “State/Province, Country, Zip Code” format that buyers from all countries can use to calculate shipping. Include measurements and relevant notes on the fit. Take the best, clearest proof pictures you possibly can. And most of all, do your best to be available to answer questions.
  • Remember to leave feedback after every transaction! It’s not required, but it is polite.
  • Unless a mod specifically states “This is a formal warning” rejection and deletion of posts does not mean warnings! In other words, you’re NOT in trouble just because your post was rejected/deleted. You’re only in trouble if we say you are ;)

Cheat Sheet to Getting Your Post Approved Quickly
Click for image reference for what your post should look like!

  • Have a location
  • Tag your post
  • Link to your own hosted pictures
  • Have a feedback link
  • Make sure it has a “DS, WTB, etc.” in the subject
  • Post no more than one “buying” and no more than one “selling” post within 4 days
  • Wait 4 weeks before reposting the same item, or take a reduction of at least 20% if you are posting before the four weeks are up.
  • Bribe us with ice cream...just kidding, just kidding.
Finally, please try to have some patience with us! While we try our best to remain familiar with Lolita brands and trends, we don’t know everything. If you feel that one mod is wrong, don’t hesitate to request that another mod- or the entire mod team- step in and provide a ruling on your situation. We are always more than happy to re-evaluate our judgements. And if you ever need any help, please consult this list to see what languages our various moderators speak and the times they’re available to help members of the community.

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