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Someone suggested lolita versions of movie and TV characters :)

I think a post about people's wish lists, though maybe limit the numbers. Like a lolita wishlist challenge. What outfit do they crave the most.

I loved the 10 items 7 outfits theme and I wish to do it again but I'm having a hard time motivating myself- maybe we could make it a monthly theme again? It's been over a year since the last one! (last year's feb theme was this)

What about "legendary pairs" for an aesthetic theme?
peanut butter & jelly
Cleopatra & Marc Antony
Ronnie & Sammi

Or maybe "polar opposites?"
night & day
good & evil
fire & ice

I guess these would be like the twinning theme, but more specific. Or people could twin with themselves and do coords or do a half and half coord? I don't know, I'm thinking out loud haha.

In light of the new replica ban, I think we should do a theme/photo contest of spotlighting your best/favorite indie or taobao original print coordinate. i think it will help promote the lesser known and lesser expensive aspects of lolita while making others feel more welcome and accepted knowing that they don't have to wear brand all the time. it will also be a good resource for girls to learn about what is out there.

Can I suggest hat stacking? Haha, inspired by AatP's new 3-staged Mad Hatter Hat. (I think I got marked as spam for posting a URL, sorry if you see this twice)

How about Kawaii Animals? Like the panda could be for gothic lolis and little Hummingbirds could be for Sweet loli! Just an idea but I still think it's good! And there are plenty of animals for all the other styles too! (Lion: Classic, Monkey: Deco, Little puppies: Hime, etc.)!


A safari theme? I think that would be cool XD Like a coordinate inspired by Jane from tarzan or something : )

How about lolita transformations? I've seen a few on youtube and I think they're really fun.

I have a few theme ideas

Tea Parties

Unexpected Combinations
Creative coords, mixing in elements one would never think to find in lolita in a way that works, be creative!

Shiro and Kuro
OTT - Over The Top
Royalty (queens, princesses and princes)

'Bluring the lines'
Mixing sweet with classic, gothic and classic, sweet and gothic. who said we had to be put in categories?

lolita timeline. Show photos of how your style evolved from your first outfits to now.

Being lolita against your will
- A story how you dressed you friend / mum / boyfriend / grandma into lolita fashion! Someone who never worn it before, but was too curious (or too drunk) to try it once! XD

I'd like a theme based around people's dream prints/dresses - not ones that already exist, but things people would make if only they had the talent/money to do so, or themes that people really hope brands would bring out. I know there was a post on the lolita blog carnival ages back about it, and I think it'd make a fun EGL theme (although maybe more suited to artists who could actually draw their design ideas).

I think a theme of dressing your friends or relatives in Lolita style and seeing the outcome would be rather fun! And perhaps we could record their thoughts about the fashion in the posts as well.
I have some very cute pictures of my then 11-year old sister in Angelic Pretty!


Like Disney bounding (where you dress as a character using your regular clothing) but I guess with any character and in lolita!

Capsule wardrobe

After seeing closets full of Lolita goods in January, having a theme calling for minimalist, complete, well planned Lolita capsule wardrobe may have a soothing effect on our wallets.

Maybe a 6 items or less challenge, like, you choose 6 main items in your wardrobe (dresses, skirts, boleros/cardigans, blouses, cutsews) plus as many accessories (socks, headbows, jewelery, wigs, etc.) as you like and show how many combinaitions you can do with it.

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